Production of Applicators "Prickly Healer"

Kobelev Yuri Alexandrovich stood at the origin of the Limited Liability Company "SIGNUM" and the bracket applicator "Prickly Healer".

The idea of ​​creating a bracket applicator originated back in 1985. At that time Kobelev Yu. A. was the head of the Department of Engineering and Special Works "SIGNUM", which subsequently transformed into LLC "SIGNUM". Health problems at that time forced him to seek a solution to the situation.

Then Kuznetsov's applicators, based on a sharp needle, became widely known. Yuri Alexandrovich, relying on his intuition and simpler production process at the time, put the "U-shaped bracket" as the basis of the new applicator. As it turned out later, this was the right direction in the life path of the "Prickly Healer" applicator, which was later confirmed by various clinical trials.

At home, the first bracket applicator "Prickly Healer" was created, which at that time did not have a name. After the first procedure, relief came, the effect of which remained several hours after the procedure. Words of gratitude from friends and acquaintances confirmed the effectiveness of the product.

Thus, the applicator "Prickly Healer" passed the stage of an embryo in the mind of the enthusiastic new idea of the creator, birth and acquisition of his name. Next, the final image of the product was created, with the advice of doctors acupuncture therapists. By trial and error, the size of the product was formed, a bracket step of 0.5 mm was calculated, which was optimal in combination of the comfort of the procedure and its efficiency.

Later in the early 90s a number of successful clinical trials were carried out, which proved the practical effectiveness of the "Prickly Healer" applicator.

All these stages were passed from 1985 to 1992, in which the applicator was officially registered and authorized for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus.

To date, a wide range of applicators "Prickly Healer" is presented, which is gradually replenished with new products. UE "SIGNUM" produces not only the "Prickly Healer" applicator, but also the foot massager "Forest Path". The company also manufactures to order electrodes from conductive silicone for medical equipment.

Author's words

“When I created the “Prickly Healer” applicator, I did not think how many people it would help, how much it would change their lives for the better. I also did not fully understand how much sweat, blood, effort and nerves would have to be spent on creating a product, on maintaining its life, improving the quality and efefficiency of the product. Own product, own production is always hellish and titanic work. The words of gratitude letters warm my soul and make me continue to work until now.

We create new models, improve the methods of impact of the “Prickly Healer” applicators on your body so that you are healthy, because health is our great happiness, following love and harmony in the soul!”

The author of the applicator "Prickly healer" Kobelev Yu.A.